There are moments where you desperately wished you had longer mane, whether it is to flaunt it like mean girls style or to simply braid the waterfall braid for a party. And when you don’t really have long hair for it, it is truly a bummer. But lucky for us, now we don’t really need to be crying over that chopped mane, because we can artificially grow our mane out and it wouldn’t seem any different. However, before you go through with this process, it is necessary that you take the right steps to prep your natural hair, beforehand. Here are some of those things you need to do.

The right shade

Before you decide on getting clip in hair extensions, make sure that your natural human hair is of the right shade you want it to be. After all the artificial additions could be changed to whatever shade you desire, but when it comes to your natural locks, making such rash color changes, is sure to have a lot of negative impacts on it. In addition to that, before you go ahead with the process, make sure that your mane is ready for such changes, after all, these additions could either be clipped on or even threaded in and they could have varying impacts. No matter what sort of method it is used to be added on or fixed, these do have a certain weight added on to your natural hair and scalp. And if your scalp is not ready to bear this, it could lead to serious problems like hair fall, thinning and such. And this on the whole could damage your entire scalp. So be sure of the color first and then take in to account whether your scalp is strong and healthy enough for this addition.

The strength of your hair

Like mentioned previously, it is clear that these additions are secured on your scalp or hair in different means. And the different ways have varying impacts on your hair and scalp in general. Hence it is necessary that you first understand the condition of your natural mane before you go through with such procedures. Of course we would all love to flaunt long locks like Kim Kardashian, or go for those fancy colored synthetic wigs like Nicki Minaj, but if our hair or scalp can’t bear the weight of it or isn’t in the best condition to do so, then adding more stress on it could have serious repercussions. So no matter what you want to do, you first need to evaluate whether you could risk doing so and what effects would they have overall.

Getting a good hair cut

Once you decide to go ahead with these additions, they may last for about 3 to 5 months. And this time period would unknowingly stop you from grooming your natural mane, mainly because distinguishing the two might seem a little too complex. Hence it is essential that before you get these all fixed up, you need to give your own mane a good trim. Get rid of all those split ends and damaged hair once and for all. Then adding in the additions to your natural mane would be ideal especially if you want to ensure that neither is ignored nor damaged. Do consider the above and make a smart choice on what you are going to do about the additions and your natural mane!

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