Bad hair days are fairly common. But bad hair months? Not so much! This generally occurs when you get a bad cut or make the poor choice when selecting a stylist or a style. Even if we try to avoid this as much as we can, there are certain situations where avoiding may not be possible. What can you do though, when you have to face such a situation? Here’s what our experts have to suggest. An immediate damage repairIf you took a chance with a new hair stylist to try to be economical, or because your usual one wasn’t available, and got stuck with a bad hair cut; then you might have to try and find an immediate damage repair. Look for a professional hairstylist who knows her craft. There’s a possibility that even though it might not be of the length you prefer or the style you prefer; this professional stylist may be able to save you from embarrassment. Artificial hair lengthening If the new hair cut is cut too short to your preference or changes the shape of your face in a way you don’t appreciate, it may be the time to invest on some blonde hair extensions Sydney. It will help you get your usual length and style and help you save face until your natural hair grows back. If you go for the clip-on variety, you can even use it only for special occasions, or when you’re out in public. One thing important to keep in mind, is that the better quality it is of, the longer you can keep it without damage. Natural hair lengthening Not all of us are comfortable or used to wearing or walking around with hair extensions. This being said, it’s perfectly natural if you’d rather not have it on; especially if you are afraid it will come off in the most inconvenient moment. Instead try to regrow your hair faster. Massage your scalp for a minimum of seven minutes every day. Use hair growth promoting oils such as castor oil and pumpkin seed oil to enhance the massage and help with the re-growing. You can check out more here Waiting it all outThe good thing about our tresses is that no matter how much we muck up; it will eventually grow back. The bad thing? Is that it might take a while to do so. Yes, the suggestion above will help with that; but it’s no miracle solution. The best thing you can do for yourself in the meantime, is to till yourself that you need to be patient. Apart from this, you can also learn the art of wearing the right hats, caps and turbans until your hair grows back…!

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