Ever wondered why all the beauty care products were for women? Historically, women were seen as the gender that would be more susceptible to such product placement. However, with the strides we’ve made in gender non conformity and gender non binary advertising as well as understanding that these are simply baseless stereotypes, beauty products for men have finally hit the shelves – or at least the internet. Here are some of the beauty care products that men can finally enjoy. beard oil australiaFacial Hair FierceGel isn’t the only product men have to enjoy anymore; they have best beard balm too. This is a pomade of sorts, made mostly or all out from natural ingredients designed to keep the hair soft and smooth and also moisturize the skin around it. While this may not be available in every store, it can still be ordered and delivered via the internet and in some cases can be found in speciality supermarkets too. It can be a great gift for a friend who is very conscious of his scruff.Baby Smooth SkinAlthough beard oil Australia may keep the skin smooth, it’s not something that can be applied willy-nilly all over the face. Instead, introduce the guys to tinted moisturizer, a fabulous concoction that is a cross between a foundation and a lotion. It gives the nutritional quality of a lotion with the functionality of foundation. This is perfect for guys who have spots that they need to cover up but don’t necessarily want to look like they wear makeup. The moisturizer will keep their skin feeling fresh and smooth and ensure they don’t break out again.See the SmoulderCaptains Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Caribbean and Killian Jones AKA Hook from Once Upon a Time made this particular item extremely cool and hot at the same time; guyliner is most definitely a thing at many events and many more men are trying it out now. Not only does it help define their eyes, it also helps them perfect their smoulder because the eyeliner brings out the colour of the eye no matter what it is. It is most popularly used for the bottom lash line only, so the Indian kajal pencil and other eyeliner pencils are quite popular with guys. There are some however, who prefer liquid eyeliner and those are now available too.So the next time you wonder about beauty products for men, wonder no more. Ina addition to the gel, conditioners and deo sprays, men can also enjoy beard products, tinted moisturizer and guyliner.

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